Capture - Validate - Process
your documentation with the touch of a button

Digital Writing C2P for RXVIP Concierge bridges the gap between manually collecting and processing your documentation and delivering all content in real time to back-office business applications. This robust solution eliminate 70%-90% of the manual tasks associated with processing documentation all within a HIPAA compliant solution.




The Digital Writing difference:

Digital Writing C2P connects front-end documents and data to all back-end applications including conversion of handwritten information to typed text, capture of photos with annotations, voice notes and GPS data.


No Upfront Development No Programming
  Use any existing application to create real-time in-take data and document capture processes for all internal or external departments; Nursing, Home Aides, HR Onboarding, Billing, Payroll, Accounting and all documents and data associated with each department.   Eliminate upfront IT time and cost to create real-time capture to processes solutions for all areas of your business.
No Customization Seamless Integration
  Create, edit, update and deploy changes in minutes — no specialized skills required, anyone in your office can manage and update processes or documentation with this solution using existing applications like Word, Excel, Adobe, etc.   All structured, unstructured, and handwritten content is converted to standardized files (data, documents, photos, voice notes, GPS data) for seamless integration into all back-end applications including ERM, CRM and DMS applications.
Digital Writing C2P complements all existing and future business applications.


“this software is making our application process more efficient”


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