Your reps spend 20% - 40% of their time processing data and documents.
If time is money let your reps spend more time making money
and let Digital Writing C2PTM do the rest.

Capture-to-Process Sales Automation

How many things can your reps do at one time? With Digital Writing C2PTM at the touch of a button they can:

Capture, Validate and Process all documents and data in Real-Time
Simultaneously upload all data and document to your CRM, Email Marketing Apps, Document Management System, Service Management Application, Accounting Applications and more.
Automatically send confirmation/thank you emails to prospective customers within seconds after meeting them.
Have your entire sales force function like your top producers.

Any Document, Form or Contract

Use all your internal documents, documents provide by your suppliers and vendors, even document from government agencies, As Is!!!
  • Prospect Profiles
  • Lease Documents
  • Work Orders
  • Expenses Reports
  • Cold Call Sheets
  • Site Evaluations
  • Service Request
  • Time sheets
  • Sales Orders
  • Credit Applications
  • Event Registration
  • And much more

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Digital Writing C2PTM lets management and executives see all aspects of the sales workflow and documentation in real-time.
  • Data and all documentation are accessible immediately
  • Business decisions can be made more effectively
  • Orders can be processed and billed virtually in real-time
  • Processing and operational costs are dramatically reduced
  • Increase profitability and efficiency on multiple levels