About FJD Associates and Digital Writing C2P

US Distributor for the Formidable Digital Writing Platform and Digital Writing C2P (Capture-to-Process) Pen and Tablet solution.  Digital Writing captures, validates and processes business documentation in real-time seamlessly integrating all content with your back-end applications.  It allows you to use existing business and clinical documentation as-is with no change to forms, documents, applications, systems, and no programming required to use the application.

Digital Writing C2P is a proven way to reduce 70% - 90% of the administrative tasks and costs associated with collecting and processing documentation. It eliminates user intervention and multiple touch points streamlining the entire business process. The result is increased employee efficiency and accuracy of data collection for a more efficient workflow, reduced operational costs and increased profit.

Users simply fill out documents as they always have, even cursive handwriting can be used. Digital Writing automatically converts handwriting into typed text, captures signatures, photos, voice notes, GPS data and it works Online or Offline.  Your employees have unrestricted access to the documentation they need, when and where they need it, helping meet today’s demand for a highly functioning and accountable workforce.

There is no change to existing documents or forms, no change to applications or systems, no limit on the number of documents or data used and it can be easily managed by anyone in the company with virtually no training. 

Our mission at FJD & Associates is simple; provide real solutions that add value. Having the experience and understanding of data and document capture and management, FJDA has a unique understanding of the intrinsic value these processes play on day-to-day operations and how to overcome the pitfalls that are inherent in business operations that stifle productivity and profits.