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My Documents Work for ME!!!



Do you work for your documents or do your documents work for you?

for DMS - CMS – EMR – ERP Systems

Ask anyone what they dislike about their job and no matter what department or position somewhere at the top of the list will be Paper Work.

Paper work, the necessary evil in any business process drains the productivity of your employees not to mention your company’s profits. The average national cost of managing paper can be 15% or more of your company’s top line revenue and that percentage grows exponentially when you add managing data.

A Document Management Solution (DMS) should be one of the top five applications any business looks for when serious about improving efficiency, reducing cost and addressing compliance issues. However, even the best document management system needs help or a little intervention from either a user or an input device. That said, I’d like to go back to the headline of this article.
My Documents Work for ME!!!
The answer, Digital Writing.

Digital Writing on the Formidable platform is an enterprise solution that allows any business to use existing documents, forms and contracts even documents provided by third parties such as Federal, State, Local governments and documents from other businesses AS IS to capture in REAL-TIME the document and all associated data using Pen and Paper or a Tablet PC.

Digital Writing automatically turns all content into ACTIONABLE DATA (DB, XML, CSV and PDF) that can be shared and seamlessly integrated with any Document Management System, Electronic Medical Records system and for that matter, virtually every back-end application you and your clients are using to run your business.

My Documents Work for ME all the time. Documents are submitted to the office in real-time no matter where you are or what time of day. All documents are automatically converted into a high-resolution PDF capturing everything that is written. Every field on a document is automatically and accurately converted into typed data using the person’s natural cursive handwriting and Digital Writing will do handwriting interpretation in 33 languages giving you the ability to deploy a highly efficient data and document capture solution anywhere around the world.

  • NO document collection
  • NO data entry
  • NO scanning
  • NO manual distribution
If you document management systems is saving you time and money Digital Writing will DOUBLE your saving without making any changes to your business or the way your employees work.

Seamless Straight Through Processing

Yes, your documents CAN work for you! They can automatically trigger multiple workflows simultaneously across any business process. They can speed up the capture and processing of data and documents, which increases cash flow. They will reduce operational cost eliminating user intervention and touch points saving you a ton of time and money and Digital Writing helps you meet compliance.

Digital Writing can free your business from the shackles of inefficiency and help your employees and your business reach its true potential. To learn more contact us at info@fjdassociatesinc.com and a Digital Writing Solution Specialist will provide you with all the information you need.


Digital Writing: One Solution - Unlimited Potential


The Digital Writing Challenge: If you have a difficult document or business process that needs to be tamed and made more efficient let us know and we will show you how Digital Writing can help.

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