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How much is it costing you to process one document?

Software applications are great at processing transactions, managing money and your business but someone still needs to enter all the data and content from your documents into your software applications. That’s real time and money and the cost may surprise you.

Here are four processes every business must perform on every document before any of your software applications can do what it does best, drive business efficiency and profitability.



  • Validation – making sure documents are filled out correctly, all required information is captured and all calculations and taxes are correct
  • Data Entry – entering data into one or more applications
  • Distribution – moving that document to the next step in the workflow
  • Filing - Storing or filing the document away

To get a clearer picture of what it costs we first have to outline time spent on each of these tasks.  The outline is conservative and the actual time it takes you or your employees may be higher.


Data Entry

10 minutes
7.5 minutes
7.5 minutes
5 minutes


Total Time to process one document 30 Minutes

Now let’s put a dollar value to our findings. Say you are paying your employees an average of $15.00 per hour. Using the above example it costs $7.50 to process one document.


Documents/Day Cost/Day Cost/Month Cost/Year

































As you can see in the chart above the four essential activities takes quite a bite out of your revenue and profits.

An eye opener!
Unless your business is a online shopping mall these four tasks are essential to process your documents and the cost is very real.

Digital Writing is a Real-Time Capture-to-Process solution that eliminates these tasks and automatically Captures, Validates, Processes and Distributes your documents from anywhere you do business to all your business applications for pennies per day for unlimited documents, turning 75% or more of your document processing cost into REAL PROFITS.

To see Digital Writing C2P in action – Watch Video

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