Capturing handwriting as usable data

Looking to technology to help with the collection of patient healthcare information, there are a myriad of online applications for forms and templates to aid in data collection. While most are customizable, they require a specific skill set to manage, create and maintain online repositories. Another downside is that they do not collect free-form handwritten (unstructured) data without significant manual intervention and transcription. And, that handwritten data is some of the most important information to be collected for both patient care and business use. There is a proven unsung hero that provides the solution for just pennies a day!

Digital Writing C2P is a robust real-time document and data capture solution that collects all data, including natural handwriting and with the touch of a button all handwritten information is converted to typed text in 33 different languages.

This is a huge advantage for the healthcare industry giving practitioners, clinicians and employees the power to use any medium [Paper or Tablet] to complete forms, take notes [handwritten or typed] and deliver all content pre-processed into back-end applications in real-time. The solution works online or offline for uninterrupted work efficiency and allows the user to be forward-facing rather than the computer screen.


Pen & Paper

Using the Digital Writing Digital Pen, documentation and forms can be printed on-demand to a laser printer. The users (physician, clinician, patient or employee), simply complete paperwork as they normally would. Once completed, using a send-box (pidget) printed on the document or placing the Digital Pen in the docking cradle, the information is transmitted to the server for processing, simple and easy. Below is an example of the handwriting interpretation from a paper document.

Using the industries best, most powerful handwriting interpretation engine, combined with standard and customizable dictionaries and lexicons, Digital Writing provides unparalleled accuracy in converting handwritten information into actionable typed text. And, in the off chance it doesn’t get it right, you have the ability to validate and edit the data prior to importing. The benefit of using the Digital Writing Pen is that there is no learning curve, caregivers complete forms as they normally would, its simple and easy.



The same functionality (handwriting) has been leveraged in our Digital Writing Tablet App with the same level of accuracy. Most Tablet or web based applications only allow the user to type. With Digital Writing you can do both, giving the user the choice based on the method that best meets their needs and the needs of the business. Below is an example of the handwriting interpretation from a Table document.


The advantage of using the Tablet application is that all handwriting interpretation is done in front of the user as fields are completed providing immediate validation.

Additionally, the Digital Writing solution provides the ability to capture signatures, photos, annotate photos, voice notes and GPS data and delivers all content to a centralized location for immediate processing.


Standardized Output

Upon submission of every document, Digital Writing automatically creates usable content that can be simultaneous shared and integrated into any application used to run your business on-premise or in the cloud. With every submitted document, Digital Writing creates the following.

  • Strokes PDF (Digital Pen): a PDF of the document as it was filled out with the Digital Pen
  • Textual PDF (Digital Pen & Tablet): a PDF of the document with all handwriting converted to typed text
  • Data Files (Digital Pen & Tablet): a CSV or XML file with all field data
  • Photos in PNG format
  • Voice Notes in WAV format
  • GPS Data when captured is automatically included in the data files


Digital Writing gives you the versatility to use, capture and process your documentation across the whole enterprise including documentation provided by vendors or government agencies the way you deem best (Paper, Tablet or both) to meet the needs of your business. It eliminates 70%-90% of the mundane repetitive administrative tasks associated with processing documentation (validating, data entry, scanning, etc.) across multiple departments. It Increases employee productivity, workflow efficiency and business processes like billing and HR Onboarding just to name a few. And, it can all be managed by any employee with minimal training.


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