Disappointing Payback ROI

Many companies are finding that with all the technology advancements made to streamline business processes, they are not achieving the Payback/ROI as expected. The advancements have in fact come with hidden and on-going development costs, programming, customization, maintenance and management costs, and in some cases re-engineering expenses.

This is to expected. Software applications at their core are designed to do specific uniform functions that address industry standards and best practices. However, every business I know even in the same industry and using the same or similar applications does so making changes or needing to customize the application to meet their specific business needs.

So with all of the technology advancements they have not addressed one of the major challenges of every business — collecting, validating, processing and seamlessly integrating documents and data especially unstructured and handwritten information into back-end systems and applications.  This is not only one of the most critical aspects of the running your business, it can be one of the most expensive.

When you consider the tasks and cost associated with collecting intake documents, validation, data entry, multiple department distribution, scanning, filing and integration to multiple systems, between labor and other costs it costs your company tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and in some businesses these costs can be monthly. An AIIM’s Survey found that the cost to process one document is $4.56 - $10.00 each, clearly expensive and clearly money that can be put to better use within the company or become sheer revenue.

There are solutions that allow you to use your existing resources and documentation as is, virtually eliminating the upfront time and costs associated with development and customization to meet day-to-day business needs. Additionally, these solutions require no specialized skills meaning anyone in your office can use/manage them and they can eliminate 70%-90% of the tasks and recurring monthly operational cost.

Many companies achieve ROI in 2-3 months


Digital Writing is the ultimate front-end data and document capture solution used by millions in over 130 countries in 33 different languages worldwide. The reason for its success is that it lets your business use existing processes and documentation across all business functions AS IS, eliminating the time and costs of upfront development, customization, re-engineering and the costly updates for document edits or additions. Anyone in your company can manage, edit and distribute enterprise wide without extra costs or specialized skills.

Digital Writing transforms your entire enterprise no matter your industry or your process; Healthcare, Sales, Field Service, HR, Payroll, Accounting, Facilities, IT, etc., providing your business with the one solution that connects all your front-end document and data collection to your back-end seamlessly.


Here’s how it works;

Using the Digital Writing Pen for Paper documents all forms are printed on "live" paper, for Tablets documents are loaded onto tablets -- documents are completed as they normally would and with the click of a button, all data, documents, signatures, voice notes, photos, and GPS data are validated and automatically delivered to all designated back-office departments and applications in seconds. Handwritten documents and data are automatically converted to typed text becoming usable data for real-time processing. Managers and stake holders have complete access to the viewer seeing exactly where and what the status of business is in real-time.

Digital Writing complements your existing systems, applications,documents and processes requiring no changes. Employee adoption is 100% because there’s no change to the workflow except making employees and processes more effective and productive, and, the cost is just pennies a day.

The link below provides a sample of a handwritten document submitted from the field using Digital Writing. It shows the document as it is delivered with handwritten information (strokes) along with the automatically converted digital content (typed), using Pen & Paper or Tablets.

Click Here - Digital Writing Samples


Digital Writing C2P turns any document (internal or external) into a real-time capture to process solution where all you have to be concerned with is importing data NOT front-end development.

  • No Upfront Development
  • No Application Changes
  • No Document Changes
  • No Specialized Skills Required
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Submissions

Best of all, the whole solution can be managed by anyone in the office from a browser and if any document changes, edits, or additions need to be made, it takes less than one hour to turn a document into a live capture to process solution.

Immediate Payback/ROI

With Digital Writings affordable pricing your business will start seeing the Payback/ROI from the solution generally within two-six months depending on the roll-out plan, many customers achieve ROI in 2-3 months.

Your business units and employees become more efficient because 70%-90% of the repetitive data and document processing tasks are eliminated allowing them to focus more on processes that increase value and revenue for the company.

Your IT department, eliminates the time and cost of front-end development/customization for data and document capture solutions. This frees up a substantial amount of your IT budget which can be re-purposed for other more deserving projects.

One thing is guaranteed, your document and data collection requirements will always be changing, Compliance, Legal, HIPAA, Insurance, and perhaps the nuances of the various markets you service. This one solution addresses the unique document and data capture requirements for all your internal and external business departments.

If you would like to take a look at cost analysis as prepared for some of our clients Click Here, it shows you the incredible costs savings achieved using Digital Writing C2P.

We welcome your questions and/or any input you may have. I ‘am also available for a quick online presentation and would like to set-up a time to show you just how easily Digital Writing C2P will transform your business operations.


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Digital Writing C2P (Capture-to-Process) Solutions