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As the year end approaches, higher business costs, shrinking profits and revenue, leave us all looking for smart ways to reduce expenses and increase profit. One of the biggest business expenses often viewed as an “un-controllable” and dismissed under general operational costs is document and data processing. A business will spend $4.56 - $10.00 to process one document (AIIM Survey), that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. A significant expense for any business and should not be ignored.

There is a way to begin your document and data processing up front, eliminating 70% - 90% of back office processing tasks and costs.

The technology is Digital Writing C2P (capture to process), and it costs just pennies a day. From the point of contact (front-end) you and your staff can collect, validate, and deliver all documents and data to exiting back-end applications in real-time. It allows you to use existing documents or forms as is (internal or external) to capture and process data from structured, unstructured, ad hock, and handwritten documentation in 33-different languages. It automatically creates data files in industry standardized output for easy Integration and Interoperability. There are no up-front development costs or changes to existing applications, a huge time and cost savings.

There are two fundamental reasons for deploying a mobile business solution; Capture – the collection of customer information in order to initiate the next steps in the business or workflow process and, Interactive – the ability to use all the captured information/data to facilitate the business process. In the majority of business processes nothing can start until you first capture the necessary information at the beginning. This is where Digital Writing excels, giving businesses large and small the ability and means to quickly and efficiently facilitate the capture and use of documentation and data in real-time.

A Kinvey report based on a survey of CIOs and Mobile Leaders found that mobile application development is “costly, slow and frustrating.” According to a November 2014 survey: 56 percent of mobile leaders surveyed say;

  •  it takes from 7 months to more than one year to build one app
  • 18 percent say they spend $500,000 to over $1,000,000 per app
  • average cost of $270,000 per app.



With Digital Writing C2P there is no upfront development, it is so easy that any staff member can create and deploy a real-time capture-to-process application that automatically captures documents, data, signatures, voice notes, GPS and photographs with no specialized skills needed. Digital Writing validates data, transcribes handwritten information into text, images documents to high resolution PDF’s, creates data files of all information entered, ensuring everything is ready for seamless integration into your back-end applications, significantly reducing your overall IT and operational costs.

Even if you were able to create a mobile app for under $10,000 how many would you need to address all the in-take processes across all your departments; it adds up very quickly. The two questions you have to address when using embedded apps offered by most software applications are; what are your costs to customize the apps to meet your specific business needs and the way you work and, how fast can the app adapt to changes in the market, industry or compliance without impacting your bottom line.

In addition to Digital Writings ease-of-use and robust capabilities it works Online and Offline, a huge advantage that reduces out-of-pocket business costs incurred when deploying mobile solutions. It works brilliantly across every industry type and gives individual departments agility to use Paper or Tablets to address changes in real-time; changes within the business process/workflow, changes in market conditions and/or compliance without time delays and the cost of building an app or waiting for software vendors to update applications to meet your needs.


  • HR Directors see a 50%-75% reduction of time and cost Onboarding new hires because pertinent information is automatically mirrored over each of the 20+ pages eliminating repetitive input and errors. Mandatory and conditional fields ensure data is always complete the first time, and all content, documents, data photos, voice notes and GPS can be passed to the back-end in real-time.
  • Field Operations see the same reductions in time, tasks, and costs. They have become more efficient because they always have the correct documentation. Every document submitted is complete the first time with no need to return to the office for manual processing; uploading documents and data to multiple applications.
  • Administration sees an even greater reduction in document processing since all documents are received complete and correct the first time. Staff never has to chase employees or customers to retrieve missing information or signatures. Repetitive validation processes and tasks across multiple departments is eliminated. Manual tasks such as scanning, indexing and document distribution throughout the workflow can be eliminated. And, it speeds up the billing process from days or weeks to as little as 24 hours improving cash flow.
  • Information Technology departments can focus more of their time and budgets on important processes and projects (the back-end), with the confidence that no matter what type of document or form wanted/needed, from internal or external sources, Digital Writing standardizes all output upon submission for seamless integration across all applications and platforms.



Digital Writing C2P works with all your documents as is and any application that uses standardized formats (PDF, CSV, XML) to import/integrate documents and data. Set-up is easy, with no upfront development, no limit on the number of documents and forms, no limit on the number of users.


Digital Writing can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually while increasing the efficiency of your whole business operations. Put Digital Writing C2P to work for you and make the end of 2016 better and 2017 a banner year.

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