Caregiver Support Services and FJD Associates Announce Partnership to Streamline Caregiver Training with Digital Writing C2P.

Press Release

Date October 30, 2017
Westbury, NY

Caregiver Support Services and FJD Associates Announce Partnership to Streamline Caregiver Training with Digital Writing C2P.

Caregiver Support Services has partnered with FJD Associates to use Digital Writing C2P, to provide Home Care Providers with an efficient and effective mobile solution to support, train, and test caregivers in office or in the field — in real-time.

Using Digital Writing, Caregiver Support Services can deploy and administer a myriad of custom designed training modules in real-time, helping agencies eliminate the time and resources needed to maintain on-going training programs. It keeps caregivers up to date on home care best practices ensuring both the agency and caregivers are meeting industry and compliance standards.


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Caregivers are trained and tested anywhere —any time in office or in the field
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Test data is captured in real-time auto-reviewed, graded and immediately available for review by administration
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Test documentation and certificates are forwarded to the agency as desired
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Digital Tests can be stored for easy access if ever and whenever needed

“New Home Care federal and state industry standards and guidelines, place an additional burden on Home Care Agencies. While most agencies have training and compliance processes, the new standards require agencies make changes and implement new procedures that impact personnel, business processes and resources, placing a strain on the business to do more in the face of growing costs and shrinking revenues,” said Dr. Eboni Green, Co-Founder and CEO of Caregiver Support Services.

“The Digital Writing C2C application is a cost effective- turnkey solution for training frontline direct caregivers. Using this process, caregivers have access to the tools and support that enhance their ability to provide quality care based on industry best practices,” she added.

Many home care providers are finding that even with all the technology advancements they’ve made, they are not achieving the projected Payback/ROI due to the hidden costs to implement, support and manage these technologies. That's where Digital Writing C2P is different, it complements all existing back-end applications requiring no changes to existing systems, applications, documentation or processes.

“Businesses need technology to improve the business process, reduce cost and increase productivity on multiple levels. The cost to create, maintain and support front-end intake applications with changing environments, standards and compliance is expensive and time consuming. Digital Writing levels the playing field, it streamlines the entire process eliminating upfront development and costly maintenance saving thousands of dollars while providing a user-friendly front-end document and data capture solution that complements any software a business uses today or may use in the future,” said Fred Dunwoody, CEO of FJD & Associates.

Digital Writing C2P helps agencies streamline their entire operation; along with training and testing, it is widely used by Heath and Home Care Agencies for HR On-boarding, Patient Assessments, Care Plans, Work/Time Sheets and much more. It streamlines the documentation processes from the field or front lines to the back-office with the click of a button. All documents, data, signatures, photos with annotations, voice notes and GPS is automatically converted to industry standardized content which can be seamlessly shared and integrated into any back- office systems. Even handwritten information taken from Paper or Tablet documents is automatically converted to typed text and delivered as usable data.

Nurses, Aides, HR — all employees are given the agility to conduct business easily capturing information more efficiently; no missing information, no delays delivering paperwork accurately to the office. It's simple to use and easy to manage eliminating 70% - 90% of the tasks and costs associated with collecting and processing documentation.



To see a quick video on Care Giver Supports Mobile Training Solution, click here.

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About Caregiver Support Services

Caregiver Support Services is a "grassroots" non-profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status. The organization was founded by Terrence and Eboni Green, a husband and wife team, to support family & professional caregivers across the lifespan through direct supportive services. Caregiver Support Services is known nationally for setting up benchmark programs and services for family and professional caregivers in the form of offering accessible training, self-advocacy and other pertinent services to empower caregivers, including self-care.

Eboni Green PhD, RN
P.O. Box 4291
Omaha, NE 68104
P: 866-201-6896

About Digital Writing C2P (FJD Associates)

Digital Writing C2P is the ultimate front-end document and data capture solution for Paper and Tablets used by millions in over 130 countries and 33 different languages worldwide. The reason for its success is that it lets your business use all documents (internal/external) as is in any area of the business without changes, eliminating the time and cost of upfront development, customization or re-engineering your documents or business processes.

As a US Distributor for the Formidable Digital Writing Platform (Anoto Live PDF) our mission at FJD & Associates is simple; provide real solutions that add value. Having the experience and understanding of data and document capture and management, FJDA has a unique understanding of the intrinsic value these processes play on day-to-day operations and how to overcome the pitfalls that are inherent in business operations that stifle productivity and profits.

Fred Dunwoody – CEO
P: 516 665-0144 ext. 101