What would you pay for accuracy?

Using Independent Nurses in Home Healthcare


What would you pay to ensure that every document submitted by an INDEPENDENT nurse was;

What would you pay to ensure that every document submitted by an INDEPENDENT nurse was;

  • Completed and submitted without errors or omissions
  • Capture every signature/initial
  • Capture narratives and related information
  • Embedded, photos with annotations in the document
  • Voice note comments/narratives included
  • Receive all documentation/data in real-time
  • Submissions never sent to the wrong person
  • Works Online or Offline

$50 per month, $100 per month?

How does $30.00 per month sound for unlimited documents and unlimited submissions.

Digital Writing C2P gives you total control and the freedom to manage your clinical and caregiver documents and data without any upfront programming or specialized skills. Use all your documentation as is and deploy any document/form in minutes.

Agencies spend valuable resources, time and money managing independent nurses. From Onboarding to their day-to-day activities, you need to ensure your clients receive the best care possible and that the interaction with your nurses is seamless.

One issue our clients had was how to manage the processing of clinical intake documents and data from the multiple ways they were received;

  • Digital
  • Paper
  • Fax
  • Email

Each submission type had its own challenges and required multiple and sometimes repetitive tasks by administrators. Collecting, processing, data entry, scanning and distribution of this mission critical content in a timely manner, has a direct and negative affect on your business and its bottom-line.

Employees are paid to perform various daily tasks to move documents and data through several business applications; to service your clients certainly, but as importantly to safeguard the financial success of the business. I have yet to meet an agency who is not buried in paperwork. And, when you consider that a single employee spends more than 50% of their day performing rudimentary and redundant tasks processing clinical paperwork, the cost to your business is over $1,600.00 per month, per person before you make your first $1.00.

Digital Writing C2P eliminates 70%-90% of these time consuming redundant, day-to-day tasks and it does it all for just $30.00 per month. No customization required, no special skills, and you use your documents AS IS.

With every submitted form or document, you get;

Tablet home

  • High-resolution PDF exactly the way it was filled out
  • Data entered in a CSV and/or XML
  • Signatures and initialscaptured
  • GPS data where filled out or signed
  • Photos with annotation as attachments or embedded in your document
  • Voice notes for instructions or narratives
  • Online and Offline capability
  • Errors and omissions eliminated
  • Content submitted in real time
  • Seamless integration to all back-end applications
  • Unlimited documents/forms
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Unlimited user


To have a solution that gives you total control over every aspect of your operation without programming or specialized skills seems impossible, but its not when you start from point of contact.

&Digital Writing captures, collects, and deploys mission critical documents/forms giving you standardized content that simplifies the integration of all your content into any application you use today or in the future. Streamlines your workflows, automates business processes, helps meet compliance and saves you time and money.

Turn your documents into a One Touch Process.





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