Where is that document?

Part1: Simplifying the document and data capture process

For most, the easiest place to store documents is in the software application related to the business process. Why not, the application gives you that ability and it tends to be the path of least resistance. Most companies have a minimum of five different areas or departments using different software applications which also means the documents reside in many places, each with its own unique requirements, capabilities and costs.

The question is, is this the right approach, it all depends on who you ask. Department heads and managers believe it’s their best option for the day-to-day process and workflow. They feel that this method is more efficient and helps staff move information through the department’s workflow faster. So, the status quo is maintained, but is it really the most efficient and effective way to manage your critical business documents? Afterall, these documents are the lifeblood of your business and nothing functions correctly or timely unless everyone can process, manage and access documents quickly.

The disadvantage of storing documents in multiple places; departments, processes or software applications, is when other departments with related business needs access to that information. That’s when issues abound, human error comes into play, bottlenecks are created, multiple users intervene and productivity drops. The ripple effects are felt throughout the whole business.

When addressing problems, inefficiencies, and risk within your business processes you need to find the real root of the problem. In most cases it means looking beyond simply a department to see the real culprits. The ones that are most often overlooked or marginalized.  Looking at the full business shows that one of the main issues lies with the first point of contact.

The full business approach addresses the first point of document and data capture, allows the whole business to flourish reaching its ultimate efficiency. First point of capture applications are not limited to the whims of a software application or process, but rather deals with the needs of the whole business. Ensuring that all documentation and all related data can be quickly captured, easily disseminated, shared and integrated as needed throughout the business.

The two most critical items any application needs to work are your documents and data. Using an agnostic (interoperability) front-end document and data capture solution that works with your existing software, EMR/EHR/CRM and any future software, gives you and your business ultimate control; how, what and when your documentation and data is captured, used and delivered. You’re never dependent on any one specific application or process.

Digital Writing C2P (DW) is the agnostic front-end document and data capture solution that gives you that full business approach. It allows you to use any document/form as is without any programming or specialized skills turning any document into a One-Touch intelligent capture solution. It collects documents and data from anywhere, online or offline, allowing staff to deliver all content to back-end applications with the touch of a button.

With the ability to incorporate your business rules and logic into any document, DW ensures that no document is ever submitted missing critical information that would impede processing or moving content through your workflows. All content is automatically digitized in industry standardized formats (PDF, CVS, XML) which ensures that it can be easily shared or integrated. This helps you meet compliance and quality assurance standards as well.

Set-up is quick and easy, there’s no disruption to business, no changes to your current applications or systems. No programming or specialized skills are required to add or modify your documents, so they can be quickly updated/changed and leveraged throughout the business for any process.


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