What is your data telling you – or not telling you?

Agencies need to monitor multiple data points in order to evaluate how patients interpret the services they provide, quality assurance and the overall health of the organization. Not to mention the PDGM changes coming in 2020.

The key to evaluation answers lie in your data and documentation, all you need to do is see what it is telling you.

You collect key performance indicators (KPI’s) every day, within every patient interaction; from calls with clients to your applications to your daily documentation. They all hold valuable information that can quickly and easily provide you with the insights needed to increase the agencies QA/QI and overall business performance success across multiple disciplines.

The best part is that it is a low-cost monthly service and once it’s set up. For as little as $9.00 per month you and your staff have the insight needed to make informed critical decisions.

Below is a sample of KPI data collected from one of our client’s documents. It was automatically collected and presented in dashboard form for a quick evaluation and interpretation by the agencies administration staff giving them exactly what they needed to understand where they were, what areas they wanted to address, and the information they needed to prepare a go forward plan.

  • Agency Performance
  • Patient Incidents
  • Predicting RiskPatient/Employee
  • Patient Readmissions
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Functional Outcomes/Trends
  • Much more

HHA Survey Incident Percent       HHA Survey Satisfaction          HHA Survey Recommendation      

HHA Survey 02          HHA Survey Overall Health      

HHA Survey Education          HHA Survey Visit      

HHA Survey Race

In addition to capturing KIP in real-time from your documents other data sources can be utilized to expand the depth of your analysis. No matter how detailed or simplistic the process, utilizing dashboards to quickly review and analyze your agency on multiple levels is critical to your success and will help you meet the ever-changing landscape of compliance and quality assurance.

Your documentation and data are the lifeblood of your business and in 2020 it will become even more critical to your agency. Learn how easily your documentation and data can show you the keys to longevity and success.

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