Don’t forget your business documents!

How we do business is changing drastically and every business big or small is implementing policies and procedures to minimize the impact and interruptions of mandated remote employees.

What are your plans for your business documents?

Most businesses still use file cabinets with a limited number of documents digitized for work they are doing now. We just learned that the disruptions caused by COVID-19 could extend to August 2020. How will your remote employees access other supporting documentation that may be on someone’s desk or in file cabinets?

Some will take a client or employees file folder and scan it to a shared or network drive made available to remote employees. Great, but is it efficient and secure?

If a client or employee folder has 100-200 pages how easy will it be to find the one document, with the one piece of information needed. How frustrating will it get for your remote worker — very frustrating, very fast.

Consider a Document Management Solution (DMS) now and avoid issues later. Here are some of the benefits;


  • There are enterprise cloud or on-premise document management systems today that cost as little as $35/month per user to maintain. That includes every document in your business.

Implementation Time & Cost:

  • Quick and efficient, within 24-48-hous for under $1,000.00.

Key word and advanced searching:

  • In a 200-page scanned client/employee document, you can find a specific word on any page in seconds, verses flipping through pages of a PDF.

Secure & Compliant

  • HIPAA, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights Privacy Act)

Capture Documents from multiple input sources:

  • Documents can be automatically captured from scans, emails or monitoring folders.

With a DMS, in the short-term you can scan whole folders and your remote workers will have everything they need. The result: they will perform at a higher efficiency rate with less disruptions to workflows, approval processes and business in general.

As you move forward, increase the efficiency of your DMS application by creating catalogs for various departments/processes. Classifying document types for more detailed advanced drilled down searching. You can incorporate automated document workflows and approval processes. And much more.

Your documentation is the lifeblood of your business. Don’t leave them behind.

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