Are your files ready for long-term remote access?

At this point most businesses have their employees working remotely in some form. However, not every aspect of the business has been easily transformed, particularly business documentation and files.

With this crisis projected to last months, it’s more critical than ever to make sure your remote employees have everything they need to be self-sufficient.

In many cases, staff must still go to the office to access documentation in file cabinets or on someone’s desk. This impedes productivity and creates huge bottlenecks in the workflow processes. Not to mention the burden on employees tasked with going to the office to find and distribute documents that remote employees need.

The Paper Chase.

Are Your Remote Documents Compliant & Secure?

Some will go with the quick fix, scanning documents to an online service like Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, etc. That’s not a problem unless, your documentation has personal, patient or financial information where employees need to follow strict Federal, State and Local regulations to keep information secure and within compliance.

The better option - A Document Management Application.

  • Meets compliance and security regulations
  • Deploys in the cloud or on premise
  • Mitigates risk of fines, penalties and theft
  • Locates any file, document or record in seconds

Keep in mind that in this “new way” of conducting business, rushing to get your operations up to speed in this environment, you may be exposed. And, once everyone can take a breath including the regulators, inspectors and watchdogs, they will be asking what you did and how you did it.


Be Prepared

An enterprise document management system with the security and compliance you need can be set-up quickly. Set-up cost can be as little as $500.00 and User Licenses as low as $35.00/month.

That’s every document in your business working 24/7/365 to service your remote workers.

We are here to help. If you have any questions or need help finding the right solution give us a call.

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