What keeps your business from Automating?

One reason why small businesses do not automate is the lack of a universal solution that is affordable, flexible, and integrates with all their applications. The average business needs at a minimum, five different software applications to operate. Each will have a specific and often dedicated process when dealing with documents and data. That is to be expected, the software applications primary interest is their software not the unique customized way you do business.


Most of the issue’s businesses deal with can be traced back to human error. When an issue comes up often the fix is not where it broke but at the very beginning. The initial capture and processing of documents and data. We often see the first reaction is to fix or automate the process where it is broken. While doing so may help that individual departments or process it can often cause unexpected issues for the rest of the business leading to more frustration and loss of productivity.

Before you can do business, every business needs to collect documents and information. Based on the size of your business you and/or your employees are doing these tasks.

  • Collecting documents
  • Correcting errors and omissions
  • Data entry
  • Filing
  • Distribution
  • Chasing people or paper

Some businesses try customizing one or more of their applications to get closer to their automation goals. They soon find out the cost to automate (setup, implementation, licensing, and subscriptions) is why outside the budget. Some will try to do it themselves. For these enthusiastic individuals while they did not spend physical money they did and will continue to spend their time. Which is more valuable.

A small business with 3-administrators paid minimum wage spends $60,000 - $90,000 annually before benefits. And 50% or more of their time is spent chasing documents.

There are affordable solutions that can achieve your automation goals. Some costing less than 4% of your human capital or operational budget. No doubt, you are asking all the right questions however, when those software companies come back with their solutions it can look and feel like a daunting scrambled mess.

Software is used to automate our business processes and workflows, make our employees more efficient, and save time and money. Unfortunately, no one application can do it all. So, when a problem pops up in a business process or workflow the first question should not be how do I fix it, the question should be where did it start.

Dollars to donuts, at the very beginning.


Isn’t time your documents worked harder than YOU!

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