See the forest for the trees

Businesses without deep pockets, like a major segment of small businesses, vacillate about spending money to have someone automate their processes or doing it themselves.

Some tech savvy owners will jump in with both feet. If I can set it up, then it cost me nothing. You’ll go to YouTube watch some product videos, look over their How To pages and FAQ’s and it doesn’t look that hard. A few weeks later, your done and happy with your achievement.

And it didn’t cost you a penny. WRONG!




Most business owners are paid at least $100 plus per hour. Say you spent one-hour a day over three weeks to get this done. You actually paid $2,100 to do something that an experienced individual could have done in a fraction of the time.

As the saying goes “Learning to fish” is empowering, knowledge is power. However, in the world of small business time is not your friend. The more time you send doing things that are not generating sales and revenue, what we call revenue draining task, the less you and your business make.

On the flip side, most will justify doing it themselves because on the backend the automation is saving them and their employees time, which is money. While that may be true you may not have taken into consideration how much time you will spend debugging and dealing with support issues that come up, and they will.

When all is said and done while you have learned and implemented something new you end up spending three to four times the amount of money (your time) that it would have cost to have someone do it for you.

It is a hard decision for any business owner especially in this business environment. Before you make that jump spending valuable time and resources, you, talk to them. You will be surprised what can be done. After all they need business too.


Isn’t time your documents worked harder than YOU!

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