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14. 06. 18
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What’s missing in Document Management ROI Calculations

What’s missing in Document Management ROI Calculations

Many document management ROI calculators show how a business can save a ton of money by automating their documents. However, most only show half the story.

What’s Missing?

The majority of the document management solutions on the market today automate (digitize) your documents at the time of capture. What’s missing, is everything you and your employees have to do with those documents before and after the document is captured (digitized) by the document management application.

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Automating document workflow within a business doesn’t start at the scanner, it starts at the Point of Contact. Where your front-line employees and fields workers are responsible for collecting all the relevant and mission critical data and documents your business needs. Automating the capture, validating and imaging of transactional and intake documents at the point of contact and moving them in real-time to the document management application without any user intervention is priceless.

There aren’t enough 0’s in the ROI calculator to properly portray the enormous impact this would have on the business’s whole operation not to mention the huge gain in revenue.

Formidable Digital Writing is doing just that.

Digital Writing creates a high-resolution PDF of the document exactly the way it was filled out including signatures, notes and drawings and a data file (XML or CSV) of all the data at the time of submission eliminating all user intervention in the capture process. The PDF and data file gives the document management application everything it needs to accurately and efficiently archive these documents in real-time.
There are many other built-in features Digital Writing offers to ensure your documents are complete and are never submitted without all the relevant information you need to complete the business process.
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