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If you service the business community in any capacity Digital Writing C2PTM is the one application you want to have in your portfolio. Give your customers the ultimate Capture-to-Process solution for Any Document, Any Business Process, with seamlessly integrated with Any Application. No programming required, no specialized skills needed and no changes to the way your customers do business.

You benefit from a complete turnkey solution that provided your customers with immediate gratification saving them time and thousands of dollars. Affiliates can be compensated up to 25% on all sales, recurring revenue and subscription services.



Adding Digital Writing C2PTM to your product portfolio provide your customers with Real-Time Capture-to-Process solutions for any business process in any type of business. Digital Writing C2PTM is one solution with unlimited potential that can grow your business exponentially while saving your customers time and thousands of dollars.


We are continually growing the value-added services Digital Writing C2PTM provides to our partners as well as the Enduser creating new applications and connectors to the core applications that are used to run business. If you have the skills and expertise working with the APIs and Web Services of a specific application and can actively participate in the development of the solution/connectors we would like to hear from you. Project work and/or revenue sharing options available.