Can I use any document?
Yes. All you need is a searchable PDF of the document.
Can I use documents from third parties?
Yes. You can use any document. Document provided by your vendors as well as documents downloaded from government agencies.
What applications can I use to create my documents?
Any application. You can use any application at your disposal to create your documents. Once they are create generate a searchable PDF of the document.
Does it support multi-page documents?
Is there any limit to the number of documents I can have?
Can I setup different documents for different users?
Yes. Documents can be assigned to users based on their login and their association to different departments and organizations.
Can I see all submitted documents in one location?
Yes. Formidable Viewer is our browser application where you can see all documents submitted by all users. Though Viewer you can validate data, close documents and download the PDF, Data and any attachments.
Can I assign different rolls to my users?
Yes. We use a Rolls Based Model to manage user’s access to documents and components.
Can I share devices with multiple users?
How is the solution licensed?
By device, contact your representative or reseller for pricing.
Will Digital Writing work offline without an Internet connection?
Yes. Our solution offers both. In offline mode, you can fill out all your documents and when you have a connection submit them all at one time.
Is there a limit to the number of documents that can be submitted?
Does Digital Writing need to learn my handwriting?
Does Digital Writing need to learn my handwriting?
No. Our solution utilizes the best in the industry handwriting interpretation from MyScripts.
Does it do spellchecking?
Yes. Our Tablet solution automatically checks spelling as you write. Additionally, you can add custom dictionaries and lexicons to improve interpretation especially with custom abbreviations and acronyms.
Can I take photos?
Yes. You can take and annotate up to 60 photos and submit them with your document.
Can it capture GPS information?
Yes. You can apply GPS data capture to selected fields in your document.
Can I add voice notes
Can I add voice notes

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