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Any Business - Any Process - Made with the end user in mind

Simple, Easy, Flexible, Powerful, Affordable.

From single page forms to complex document packets or customized data driven processes we provide solutions that automate the capture of your data and documents in office or from remote locations.

User friendly, intuitive, and intelligent.



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Traditional Forms Solution

These solutions allow you to use your existing documents and forms as is, with little to no customization. Capture signatures, data, photos, location data, and more. Incorporate logic and business intelligence into every document increasing the efficiency of business processes and productivity of employees.

  • Use your forms/documents as is
  • Capture Signatures, data, photos, GPS
  • Incorporate business rules and logic
  • In the Office, Remote Capture, In the Field

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Data Driven Forms

Your processes, workflows and applications are driven by data. Let the data create your documents as well.

Use existing data resources and data entry to drive your workflow process and then create your required documentation.

  • Process drive, not form dependent
  • Customizable to your business needs
  • Documentation automatically created



Any Business - Any Process


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Home Healthcare - Healthcare - Construction - Field Service - Human Resources - Security Service




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The key to any technology is how easily, efficiently, and affordably it can get mission critical documentation and data into your applications. Leverages your resources from capture to processing. Every submitted document is automatically digitized, all content is converted to uniform standardized output for efficient integration into your back-end applications.

Accurate – Secure – Reliable - Scalable






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Ease of Use

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Process Automation

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Task Automation

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Conditional Logic

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Pre-Populate Data

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Signature Capture

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Photo Embedding

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GPS Data

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Works Offline

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Seamless Integration

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Custom Apps

Create a custom app to automate your business processes and tame data intensive workflows.? Our solution provides the tools needed to create intuitive Capture-to-Process solutions that increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Automate task and redundant processes
  • Eliminate user intervention and errors
  • Streamline workflows saving time and money



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EMR’s are great solutions. However, when it comes to optimizing and customizing how you use your data to increase efficiency, productivity, and improve the viability of your organization there are limitations.

We fill in those gaps. Unleash your ERM to fulfill your real-life business needs.

Client Care - Human Resources - Training - Payroll





dpp task



Is a powerful intuitive and customizable solution that drives your processes, workflows, and documentation using data to logically initiate user interactions the way they work in real life.


ddp workflow

User are presented with specific task associated with the clients POC.

You only see what you need.

ddp app screen

Upon completion, all systems are updated, reports are available, all documentation is generated and ready to be shared with your applications.

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The issue with most ERM applications is that they can not be easily customized (or it is extremely expensive) to do the things that are unique to the way you do business.

They offer forms and templates – but not all the forms and documents that are unique to the way you do business.

They have process – but not every process you use to run your day-to-day business.

They have your data – but you can not use it the way you want.

Our app gives you everything you need, your way, with the touch of a button.


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Multi Platform


Offline Compatable


HIPAA Compliant




Access Controls


Automated Session Verification


Emergency Shutoff Switch


Employee Time Tracking


Geo Tagging


Data Driven Form Building


Custom Reporting




Custom Branding


24/7 Support


99.99% Uptime Guaranteed



Much More - New features are added every day. Have a specific request or feature not listed? Drop us a line and let us know.




dpp integration

Two-way communication with your applications, devices, and users ensures tasks and activities are performed and recorded efficiently.


data driven applications


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Made with the end user in mind

Simple, Easy, Flexible, Powerful, Affordable.

Document management is an automated way of organizing, securing, capturing, and digitizing files from multiple sources and applications. It quickly and accurately digitizes all documents into fully searchable files using full text, key words, or customized drilled down searches across the whole enterprise. Your documents are always saved in a centralized repository so you and your staff can find them in office or from the field..



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Document Management

A document management solution is the intelligent automated management of your business documents and content across your whole company. It incorporates your business rules, automates workflows and approval processes. It can track document expiration, provide notifications, run audits, and manage document lifecycles in conjunction with your retention policies.

It increases the efficiency of the entire business and every employee. It is also key in meeting your business compliance needs and mitigating risk and exposure.




Document Management vs Document Storage

icon DM DS 01

Document Management is the automatic and systematic archiving of your content based on set criteria and business rules that are uniform company wide. It allows anyone with privileges to find what they need is seconds and can be integrated with other applications.







icon DM DS 02

Document Storage is just that. A place where something is stored without the tools, features and intelligence to help you be efficient, productive and mitigate risk and exposure.







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Retention Policy

Every business should have a well-defined document and data retention policy that everyone follows. There are Federal, State, and agency (i.e. HIPAA) mandates that regulate how long you must keep specific content. Not having a retention policy that every employee follows puts your business at risk and exposure.

  • Document - Date Storage Policies
  • Document - Data Destruction Dates
  • Mitigating Risk & Exposure



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Workflow Automation

The day-to-day use and management of documents is a grind on your employees and business processes. Bottlenecks, missing documents, and human error impede efficiency. We automate these processes eliminating the burden on your employees.

    • Trigger Approval Processes
    • Assignment to Proper Workflows
    • Task Monitoring and Notification







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Keep your information secure. Along with Active Directory integration, there is an embedded system-event viewer that allows administrators to audit actions taken by any user including connections, searches, views, edits, and more.

Built-in compliance ensures your documents are protected (HIPPA, SOX, FERPA).









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Integrate with software packages, from accounting software and project management applications like Quick Books, Salesforce, Sage, Microsoft Office and more. Information can be pulled from other applications during the capture process to make the indexing task easy and accurate. Captured information can be pushed to qualifying applications using workflow rules based on events or schedules







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