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Document Management made with the end user in mind
Simple, Easy, Flexible, Powerful, Affordable.

Document management is an automated way of organizing, securing, capturing, and digitizing files from multiple sources and applications. It quickly and accurately digitizes all documents into fully searchable files using full text or key words across the whole enterprise. Your documents are always saved in the repository so you and your staff can find them by folder or even a document within a folder.  


Supreme Organization


All files and documents are organized by department using business rules allowing you and your teams to work and collaborate more efficiently. Automate workflows creating approval processes and work queues to move and share information more effectively. Apply retention policies and seamlessly integrate back-end applicaitons with intelligent document prcessing.


Stop hunting for documents in multiple paces; different applications, file cabinet and employee' desks. 

Turn your documents into a One Touch Process.

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Automate Workflows

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Capture documents from multiple input sources; emails, files, scans, workflows single documents, document groups, packets or folders, approval processes are triggered automatically to the right person at the right time. Intelligent processing uses the document data or embedded metadata to capture, validate and process information in seconds. 

Documents can be shared over various departments and processes allowing users to work autonomously and collectively increasing productivity of the whole business.


Any Document – Any Time – Any Where

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Take advantage of the many benefits a secured browser-based application offers, including quick deployment, controlled and logged access, and remote connectivity from any device. No matter where your users are, they work smarter.

Increase employee productivity and reduce operational cost with the touch of a button.



DMS Page Intergration

Integrate with software packages, from accounting software and project management applications like Quick Books, Salesforce, Sage, Microsoft Office and more. Information can be pulled from other applications during the capture process to make the indexing task easy and accurate. Captured information can be pushed to qualifying applications using workflow rules based on events or schedules.


Protect your documents and meet compliance

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Keep your information secure. Along with Active Directory integration, there is an embedded system-event viewer that allows administrators to audit actions taken by any user including connections, searches, views, edits, and more.

Built-in compliance ensures your documents are protected (HIPPA, SOX, FERPA).








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Seamless Integration

Digital Writing automatically digitizes the document and data including handwriting, photos, voice notes and GPS data. All content is converted to uniform standardized output which makes it extremely efficient to meet the integration standards for all your back-end applications as well as interoperability standards for external systems.

With every submitted document you get;

  • High-resolution PDF of the documents exactly as it was filled out
  • Data Files of all data entered in the document (CSV, XML, JSON)
  • Attachments – Images (PNG), Voice (WAV)

Using our standardized output, you can reduce the cost of integration and share data with all your back-end applications.

Applications Connectors:

Through our technology partners we offer connections to over 1,000 popular software applications on the market today making it easier for you to connect your content with your day-to-day operations.


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Multiple Data Inputs Types

Digital Writing C2P gives you multiple ways to input data on your Tablet. This allows your users to use the method that is best suited for their needs and environment.

Keyboard – use the standard alphanumeric keyboard for data input

Numeric Keyboard – used for numeric input  calculations

    Handwriting – use your natural handwriting to enter data - automatically converted to typed test

Voice – if your keyboard has a mic use verbal input to fill out fields and narratives

Photos - Embed photos into your documents or add as attachments

Voice Notes - Add voice notes as attachments for additional information and narratives

00 pgs smGPS data can be assigned ton the document or applied to specific fields


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00 connection sm

Works Online and Offline

Digital Writing C2P online and offline modes makes it easy for you and your staff to work uninhibited, no worries about poor or no Internet connectivity.

  • Online mode – when online the app connects to the server synchronizing the device making sure you always have the most current version of assigned templates and allows you to submit documents in real-time.


  • Offline mode – gives you access to all assigned templets allowing you to work uninhibited. When a connection is established all pending documents can be submitted simultaneously.


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Intelligent Document Processing

Digital Writing prevents employee errors and omissions on submitted documents with intelligent document processing. With Digital Writing, any document or form becomes interactive - no programming required.

  • Increase accuracy
  • Eliminate omissions
  • Improve compliance
  • Streamline back-office processing
  • Seamless integration with back-end applications 


Here are just a few examples of how to make your documents/forms more efficient turning your documents into a dynamic one-touch process from submission to back-office systems in seconds.


Related Fields:

Checkbox: when a checkbox is selected all related fields become mandatory no matter what throughout the whole document.

Grouped checkbox: When YES is selected the related field becomes mandatory.

Multiple Related Fields: In this example when YES is in the grouped checked is selected multiple fields become mandatory.

conditional 022


Conditional Logic:

Using logic and expressions you control how related fields are filled out, when mandatory messages and additional information pop-up to help the user complete various task.

The following example highlights a caregiver or nurse entering the patients’ temperature with conditional logic and expressions associated with other fields display comments for the caregiver to follow and makes other related fields mandatory.

temp 01

Field (A) enter patients’ temperature
Field (B) and (C) have the following logic built-in

  • If temperature value in Field (A) is equal to or above 101.3 display specific message and make Field (C) mandatory
  • If temperature value in Field (A) is equal to or below 96.2 display specific message and make Field (C) mandatory
  • If temperature value in Field (A) is within range display specific message and check the value in Field (C) NO.

temp 05


Photo Field:

Now you can embed photos directly into you documents and forms. You control the image size by the size of the field (box) the image will be inserted into. Additionally, you can manage the image resolution annotate photos and more.

I9 Photo Page (Sample PDF)

ipad I9 01Multiple Images:

Shows a layout for multiple photos taken with the iPad. This layout is good for Drivers' License and ID Cards.










ipad I9 02Full Size Document Image

Shows layout of full size photos taken with the iPad, like a Birth Certificate.











Construction & Inspections (Sample PDF)

ipad contractorSubcontractor Daily Report

Photo Log Page - Onsite inspection with annotated images










ipad drawing

Drawing Feature - includes a floor plan where the user can markup for work to be done or work completed. 










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