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Community Care Companions

Improved collection and processing of patient healthcare documents and HR Onboarding for nurses and healthcare aides.

“It would normally take a week to nine days to get this paperwork from the nurse, so it would basically take two weeks before we could bill for a visit. Now we’re billing within 24 hours of a visit.”
Vice President, Mark Gatien


About Us

Community Care Companions is a Home Healthcare company that provides in-home skilled nursing and caregiver services.



The focus for Community Care Companions was three-fold; Reduce time spent completing forms and re-keying documents. Speed the billing process. Simplify employee Onboarding for nurses and caregivers. Nurses and caregivers making home visits must complete a series of clinical and business documents to be returned to the office. This would typically take up to 9 days, with another few days needed for administrative staff to key-in handwritten information before the documents can be sent onto accounting for billing and other departments within the company's workflow. The process was lengthy, slowed receipt of paperwork, follow-up and billing.



Digital Writing Pen and Tablet technology allows all forms to be completed by nurses and aides on site and delivered to back-office systems in seconds without administrative intervention. Even handwritten notes are converted to typed text becoming usable data. The solution means that all patient data is accurately captured and is available for office staff use immediately, eliminating administrative intervention and cutting billing time down from two plus weeks to 24 hours.

For employee Onboarding, there are 23 forms that must be completed including Community Care office forms, government tax and 3rd party forms. The information needed for these forms includes hundreds of fields of data, check boxes, drop downs, and signatures with many repetitive fields from one document to another. Digital Writing allows the HR staff to complete the first form and all others are automatically populated with the repetitive data. This cuts Onboarding completion time down by more than half with 100% accuracy.

“The home-healthcare business is very paper-driven,” Gatien noted. “There are many documents that have to have certain signatures – permission to do background checks, attestations that they received handbooks ... and there’s a lot of repetition of data. Name and address-type stuff.”

“This software allows us to enter that data once, at the point of application. It’s making our application process more efficient.”

“It would normally take a week to nine days to get this paperwork from the nurse, so it would basically take two weeks before we could bill for a visit,” he said. “Now we’re billing within 24 hours of a visit”

Vice President, Mark Gaiten



  • Speeds completion of Nurse/Aide and HR Onboarding paperwork collection
  • Paperwork received by the office within 20 seconds of sending
  • Hand delivery/faxing/posting back to office is eliminated
  • Time consuming data entry is eliminated
  • Risk of ‘lost’ paperwork eliminated
  • Reduction in administration time
  • Speeds billing process, improved cash flow




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