Case Study - Home Healthcare Agencies

The Home Care industry is very paper intensive. From Nursing to Human Resources, to general office documentation, agencies are managing thousands of documents every day in the general course of business. Document Collection, distribution and processing is vital and meeting compliance standards is essential to the success of the business — it is also a major cost affecting the bottom line.

Here’s how our agencies are meeting that challenge saving time and money with Digital Writing C2P (DW) and a full document management system..


The Issues:

Document Processing:   Document Management:
  • Documentation originates from various resources; internal/external
  • Documentation is in more than one form; paper and digital
  • Digital documents may require multiple solutions to fully process
  • Mandatory information is missing; requiring additional time and follow-up
  • Requires extensive administrative processing time and follow up
  • Digital applications often don't work offline, impeding accessibility
  • Onsite storage is outgrowing physical space and is costly
  • Documents filed incorrectly or missing impede productivity
  • Retrieving documents is time consuming and costly
  • Documents in use are spread out over multiple departments
  • Retention policies are nonexistent or poorly managed


  • Manual collection, validation, document processing— time consuming
  • Missing data + documents adds 30%-40% to processing time and cost
  • Repetitive tasks across departments eliminated saving time — money
  • Manual distribution contributes to misplaced/lost documentation
  • Physical scanning and document preparation is time consuming
  • Multiple touch-points and bottlenecks impede productivity and efficiency
  • Multiple applications required to create, process, manage documents
  • Not all applications can easily share and integrate data
  • Vendor specific apps require IT investment and specific skills



Recommended Solutions

The recommended solution has two components;

  1. A universal front-end document and data capture that allows field workers to submit documentation to the office digitally in real-time
  2. An enterprise document management solution that can incorporate all business rules and workflow processes


Front-end Document Capture Solution

Digital Writing C2P:

  • Agencies can use all documentation as is
  • No programming required; any application can be used to create/edit document
  • Agencies can use Paper or go totally Paperless using Tablet technology
  • Works online or offline for total accessibility anywhere
  • High-resolution PDF is automatically created upon document submission
  • Data files automatically created for all data entered in the document
  • Captures signatures, photos with annotations, voice notes and GPS data
  • Automatically populates repetitive fields
  • Mandatory and conditional fields ensure document completion and data integrity

Back-end Document Management Solution

  • Receives documentation from multiple input sources; import, scans, emails, or faxes
  • Automates document workflow and distribution
  • Incorporates business rules and approval processes
  • Automates creation of required folders/sub-folders
  • Automates file names as specified
  • Implements automatic retention policies for all documents



Process Improvements:

No matter where a document originates from, or how it arrives at the agency, 70%-90% of the manual intervention, tasks and touch points have been eliminated and replaced with automated processes.

  • Internal documentation/forms using DW — automatically submits documents in real-time to DMS/CMS applications (documents, data, signatures and attachments)
  • External documentation (scanned, faxed, emailed) are automatically captured by the DMS/CMS application with minimal or no user intervention
  • Automated Workflow: the agencies business rules and approval processes are configured into the DMS/CSM application.
  • Documents are routed to the designated administrator for processing
  • Business approval processes are automatically initiated
  • Documents stored based on per-established folder and filename hierarchies.




Field Personnel:

  • Documents are submitted in real-time eliminating office visits, faxing or mailing
  • Documentation is always accessible (online/offline)
  • Documents are never submitted missing data or signatures
  • Attaching photos and voice notes improves patient care and communication with office
  • Handwriting is automatically transcribed into typed text
  • Improves patient-facing engagement


  • Manual touch-points and bottlenecks removed to increase efficiency
  • 70%-90% of manual processing cost eliminated
  • Documents automatically routed through workflow and approval processes
  • Increases the efficiency of all employees and departments


  • Minimizes investment in IT infrastructure
  • Software agnostic – complements all existing/future applications
  • Delivers standardized content for easy integration
  • Eliminates front-end development cost
  • Improves user adaptation in enterprise technology



Payback/Return on Investment

Most implementations deliver an average Payback/ROI within three months from deployment. The chart below shows document processing cost at various volumes and the projected annual savings when using this solution.
Sources: AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), Gartner, Forrester

Sources: AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), Gartner, Forrester



While there are many solutions on the market the key to making the best long-term technology decisions for your business is deploying solutions that give you the greatest value, versatility and are software agnostic. By combining two highly versatile/robust solutions with reasonable entry and deployment costs, agencies are able to integrate all existing/future back-end applications with short payback periods. This allows the agency to re-appropriate existing operational budgets without making a capital investment, quickly turning operating expense into positive cash flow.





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