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East Foundation Trust — Lancashire Hospitals

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust provides high quality services for the local population of over half a million people across East Lancashire and the surrounding area.


"It’s so much easier; The extra time allows us to see more patients"


About Us

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust provides high quality services for the local population of over half a million people across East Lancashire and the surrounding area. The trust employs 7,000 staff, many of whom are internationally renowned and have won awards for their work. The trust treats nearly three quarters of a million patients a year from the most serious of emergencies to planned operations and procedures and offers care across four hospital sites, using state-of-the-art facilities. East Lancashire always try to deliver the highest quality care to their patients, and have ambitious plans to continue to improve the services they offer in response to the changing needs of their patients.



The Psychiatry staff at East Lancashire NHS Trust have to work in some very rural areas when out visiting patients in their home or clinic. The area they cover is vast and so getting paperwork and visit forms back to the office team administrator to action could take up to 5 days unless costly special trips were made back and forth.

On receipt, the team secretary would record in an excel spreadsheet how many visits a clinician has completed by counting the number of forms they have submitted, and would record the time and date of each visit. This process caused delays, expensive travel costs, inaccuracy’s and most of all out of date data. Likewise, some forms would never make it back to the office and would simply go missing meaning that the trust were missing out on valuable income.

Additionally, the information on the form relating to the patient was not recorded on any system, meaning that the patient record was not accurate. East Lancashire NHS Trust required a solution that would enable them to record activity and patient information immediately, whilst making efficiency, productivity and monetary gains.



East Lancashire deployed a Digital Pen solution that would meet the needs of the users, business and patients alike. Technically the solution now means that the Psychiatry forms are now completed with an Anoto digital pen which records the strokes taken on the paper.

The user then sends the form by ticking a send box at the bottom of the psychiatry form. The data is then sent to the formidable software located on a server installed in East Lancashire NHS Trusts secure network using a Blackberry or mobile device within 15 seconds. Here the handwriting is then converted to computer text which is then recorded in to the trusts own EPR ensuring the patient record is up to date in real time, and there is no need for the staff to waste time traveling back to base or sending forms back in the post. The formidable platform is auditable and allows the secretary to monitor activity accurately with the time, date and number of visits/ forms submitted.

  • Staff morale increased
  • Little re-training required
  • Travel back to office no longer required
  • Increasing efficiency and patient visits
  • Activity counting and recording no longer required saving time and increasing patient visits



  • Cut out costly need to return to office
  • Writing to available data in 15 seconds  
  • Roll out foretasted to over 1000 units
  • Order to deployment — 1 Month  
  • Deployed on Mobile Phone, Tablets, etc.
  • Savings realized after 1 week  
  • Recording patient information and activity  



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