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Clinical Documentation

The following is a partial list of documents agencies have used in Digital Writing C2P.

  • Assessments – Reassessments
  • CDPAP Documentation
  • Client Authorization Form
  • Client Emergency Plan
  • Client Live-In Agreement
  • Client Service Agreements
  • Client Transportation Authorization
  • Client Vehicle Use Authorization
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Discharge Summary Form
  • Employee Performance Evaluation
  • Medication Administration
  • Medication Profiles
  • Notice of Provider Privacy Practices
  • Nursing Supervisor Visit Records
  • Patient Bill of Rights
  • Physician Interim Orders
  • Plan of Care
  • Private Duty Contract Form
  • Supervisory Nursing Notes
  • Supervisory Visit Evaluation Form
  • Supervisory Visit Evaluation Form
  • Telephony Mobile App Agreement



Ease of Use: User adoption is 100% because your documents in Digital Writing C2P look exactly like they do on paper.


Works Offline: Your documents are accessible without an Internet connection allowing your employees to work uninhibited no matter where they are.


Prepopulate Data: Use existing data to prepopulate your documents in the field saving time updating client information (i.e. Reassessments, Medication Profiles, etc.).


Voice Input & Notes: Use you voice to fill out any field and provide detailed narratives and comments. Eliminating the need to retype notes later.


Accurate & Complete Submissions: Using our built-in logic, mandator fields and other features you are assured that every submitted document is complete the first time.


Seamless Integration: With every submission you get standardized content that can easily be integrated with all your backend applications




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