The Digital Writing difference:

  • No Upfront Development

Use any existing application to create real-time in-take data and document capture processes for all internal or external departments; Nursing, Home Aides, HR Onboarding, Billing, Payroll, Accounting and all documents and data associated with each department.

  • No Programming Required:

Eliminate upfront IT time and cost to create real-time capture to processes solutions for all areas of your business.

  • No Customization:

Create, edit, update and deploy changes in minutes — no specialized skills required, anyone in your office can manage and update processes or documentation with this solution using existing applications like Word, Excel, Adobe, etc.

  • Seamless Integration:

All content structured, unstructured, and handwritten is standardized (data, documents, photos, voice notes, GPS data) for seamless integration into all back-end applications including ERM, CRM and DMS applications.

  • Digital Writing C2P complements all existing and future business applications.



Why Digital Writing C2P

Digital Writing C2P is the most versatile Capture-to-Process solutions on the market and can be utilized throughout your entire enterprise for real-time capture and processing of all your mission critical content. Digital Writing's user-friendly tool makes it easy for anyone in your company to turn your documents and processes into a real-time intelligent workflow solution that save time and money every time you use it.

NO programming required. NO specialized skills needed. NO changes to the way you do business or the way your employees work.


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  Ease of Use

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  Works Offline

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  Use Documents As Is

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  Captures All Data

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  Maximize Resources

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  Prepopulate Data

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  Convert Handwriting

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  Conditional Logic

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  Signature Capture

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  Photo Embedding

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  Photo Annotation

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  GPS Data

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  Voice Notes

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  Seamless Integration

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Capture-to-Process Mobility

With Digital Writing C2P Online/Offline capability, your employees can do their work no matter where they are with or without Internet connectivity. Once they have an Internet connection all documentation and content is submitted and processed in real-time.





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Business Process Improvement

The definition of Business Process Improvement means optimizing underlying processes to achieve greater results. So the question is how many different things do your employees do at the same time?

With Digital Writing C2P at the touch of a button the employee:

  • Validated the data and documents
  • Simultaneous processing to multiple applications
  • Automatically triggered all business rules and workflows
  • Improved all processes with a single click



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Application Independence

Digital Writing C2P works with any application that has the ability to import standardized content (XML, CSV, PDF) or capture content using folder monitoring or web services. We also provide connectors to many popular business applications for real-time processing.

Digital Writing C2P seamlessly integrates your documentation and data with your back-end applications giving you the freedom to make software applications conform to the way you do business no matter how often you change or add applications.



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The key to any technology is how easily, efficiently and affordably it can get mission critical documentation and data into your applications. Digital Writing C2P leverages your existing resources processing from the point of contact.

Every submitted document is automatically digitized, all content is converted to uniform standardized output for efficient integration into your back-end applications.



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