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Document management is an automated way of organizing, securing, capturing, and digitizing files from multiple sources and applications. It quickly and accurately digitizes all documents into fully searchable files using full text or key words across the whole enterprise. Your documents are always saved in the repository so you and your staff can find them by folder or even a document within a folder.  


Supreme Organization


All files and documents are organized by department using business rules allowing you and your teams to work and collaborate more efficiently. Automate workflows creating approval processes and work queues to move and share information more effectively. Apply retention policies and seamlessly integrate back-end applicaitons with intelligent document prcessing.


Stop hunting for documents in multiple paces; different applications, file cabinet and employee' desks. 

Turn your documents into a One Touch Process.

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Automate Workflows

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Capture documents from multiple input sources; emails, files, scans, workflows single documents, document groups, packets or folders, approval processes are triggered automatically to the right person at the right time. Intelligent processing uses the document data or embedded metadata to capture, validate and process information in seconds. 

Documents can be shared over various departments and processes allowing users to work autonomously and collectively increasing productivity of the whole business.


Any Document – Any Time – Any Where

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Take advantage of the many benefits a secured browser-based application offers, including quick deployment, controlled and logged access, and remote connectivity from any device. No matter where your users are, they work smarter.

Increase employee productivity and reduce operational cost with the touch of a button.



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Integrate with software packages, from accounting software and project management applications like Quick Books, Salesforce, Sage, Microsoft Office and more. Information can be pulled from other applications during the capture process to make the indexing task easy and accurate. Captured information can be pushed to qualifying applications using workflow rules based on events or schedules.


Protect your documents and meet compliance

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Keep your information secure. Along with Active Directory integration, there is an embedded system-event viewer that allows administrators to audit actions taken by any user including connections, searches, views, edits, and more.

Built-in compliance ensures your documents are protected (HIPPA, SOX, FERPA).








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