No Programming Required

Digital Writing C2P's user-friendly interface allows any users to create intuitive capture to process solutions using any document or form, no advanced skills required.

Drag-n-drop input tools automate how data is captured in fields

  • Text – General alphanumeric text input (i.e. name, address, phone numbers, item numbers)
  • Number – Number-only input for values used primarily in calculations
  • Date/Time – Date and time input with automated formatting
  • Checkboxes – Checkbox input for selecting individual or multiple values
  • Option List – List of vales to populate field create by the users
  • Radio Buttons – Radio buttons group related values allowing a single selection
  • Signature – Hand-written signature and initial capture
  • Drawing – Graphic input for drawing, sketching and annotating images
  • Photo – Embed and annotate photos directly in your document
  • Linked – Pre-populate repetitive fields throughout document

Pre-populating Documents
Using data from existing applications you can pre-populate documents/forms in Digital Writing, it streamlines processing, increases accuracy, and makes  workflows and employees more efficient.


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