Exceptional Cost Reduction Solution


The cost associated with collecting, validating and processing paperwork is higher than most think. It’s time consuming and expensive cutting directly into your profit and revenue.

The Digital Writing C2P Difference
  • Use existing documents & forms as is
  • Documents are validated at the point of contact
  • Documents are never submitted with missing information
  • Data entry and scanning is eliminated
  • Seamless integration with all business applications
  • Reduces 70% - 90% of processing cost
  • Increases workflow and process efficiency
  • Increases overall company profitability
  • Virtually no training needed

“the average cost to process one document is $4.56
AIIM survey”

With Digital Writing C2P Digital Pen or Tablet solution, we can show you how to cut 70% - 90% of your administrative tasks and cost in collecting and processing documentation for pennies a day. This is hands-down the most comprehensive, simple, and cost effective solution on the market.


Here is an example of the time it takes a business to process one document.

  • 5+ minutes to validate a document. Making sure
         the “T”s are crossed, the “I”s are dotted and
         all calculations are correct

  • 5+ minutes to enter this data into one software

  • 2.5+ minutes to move that documentation to the next
         step in the workflow.

  • 2.5+ minutes to scan or file that document way.
Document Processing Cost
Documents/Day Cost/Day Cost/Month Cost/Year
1 $4.56 $91.20 $1,094.40
10 $45.60 $912.00 $10,944.00
100 $456.00 $9,120.00 $1,09,440.00
1,000 $4,560.00 $91,200.00 $1,094,400.00
10,000 $45,600.00 $912,000.00 $10,944,000.00

That is a minimum of 15 minutes or more to collect and process one document.


Digital Writing C2P automates the entire process seamlessly while reducing or eliminating 70% - 90% of the task and cost with document processing. Use your documentation as is, integrates with all your back-end applications and is so easy to use that anyone in your organization can manage the whole solution with virtually no training.


Take a few minutes and see for yourself;

  1. Determine how many documents you and/or your administrator(s) process a day
  2. Minimum processing time 15 minutes (if it takes you longer use that time-line)
  3. Estimate average hourly rate (average office assistant makes $15.00/hr)


Your Daily Cost: Multiply A x B / 60 x C = Your Daily Cost
(example: 25 docs x 15 min. / 60 x $15/hr = $93.75 Daily Cost)
Your Monthly Cost: Take Daily Cost x Days worked per month = Your Monthly Cost
(example: $93.75 x 20 days = $1,875.00 Monthly Cost)


FJD will work with you to quickly assess your needs, identify areas of inefficiency, and streamline your business processes to help you overcome the pitfalls that are inherent in business operations that stifle productivity and profitability.

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