15. 01. 04
posted by: FJDA

Turn Capture Cost into Profits


Collecting and processing documents and data in any business is one of the leading killers of productivity and profitability. It takes away time and resources from your employee’s productivity until all content is entered into your systems where the real work and money making begins.

Most will look at how they can improve their business processes; Updating systems and applications, investing in technology or streamlining their workforce to reduce cost. All of these endeavors will give you a bump in productivity and may reduce operational cost.

The real question, is for how long?

In reality, it may not matter how much you spend on improving your back-end systems or investing in the people doing your work, if you do not improve and streamline how your mission critical content gets from the Point of Contact through the Point of Entry (into your applications). These bottlenecks choke the profitability out of your business.

Digital Writing C2PTM is the one solution every business should have in their toolbox. It allows any business to take their documents, forms, and contracts as-is and using Tablet PCs or traditional Pen & Paper collect, validate capture, and process all mission critical content in real-time into the applications they use to run their business. No programming, no development, no user intervention, and no changes to the way you do business. With the click of a button, your documentation becomes a true Capture-to-Process solution.

In a 2013 study done by AIIM “Winning the Paper Wars” member participants were asked what the biggest issues were caused by paper in their business (chart below). What we find is that most of these issues are related to processes that require user intervention.

Source: AIIM Market Intelligence - Winning the Paper Wars 2013

Digital Writing C2P Capture-to-Process solutions eliminate these issues by taking the user and the errors associates with manually collecting and processing documents and data out of the process. Automatically collecting, and processing your content directly into the applications you use to run your business in real-time makes every employee more productive and makes all your business processes and workflows more efficient.

A small business can spend one thousand dollars or more monthly just capturing and processing documents and data. Costs for mid-size and larger organizations can reach tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. Digital Writing C2P can turn the majority if not all of your capture and processing cost for transactional and in-take documents into profitable revenue.

Learn how easily Digital Writing C2P can turn your capture cost into profitable revenue.