15. 01. 04
posted by: FJDA

Digital Writing C2P for HP Flow CM

Now businesses using HP Flow CM document management solution can have a real-time capture-to-process solution for all their mission critical documents, forms and contracts.

Digital Writing C2PTM for HP Flow CM now gives any business the ability to capture, validate and process in real-time their transactional and in-take documentation using traditional Pen & Paper or Tablet PCs. With the click of a button, your mission critical content is uploaded into HP Flow CM from anywhere you do business. Eliminating the bottlenecks, touch points and user intervention associated with tradition document processing Digital Writing C2PTM saving time and money by delivering your content (documents and data) to where it needs to be, in your applications.

Digital Writing C2PTM improves the efficiency of every employee in your company allowing them to focus and spend more time on revenue producing activities. Additionally, Digital Writing C2PTM for HP Flow CM makes all your business processes more efficient by providing in real-time the business intelligent (documentation and data) needed to conclude the business cycle faster, accurately and more proficiently.

No programming is required. No specialized skills are needed and there are no changes to the way you do business. All you need are your documents.

A small business can spend one thousand dollars and more monthly just capturing and processing documents and data. Mid-size and larger organizations this cost can reach tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. Digital Writing C2PTM can turn the majority if not all of your capture and processing cost associated with transactional and in-take documents into profitable revenue.

2015 is the year to make all your employees more productive, your business processes more efficient and your whole company more profitable.


Digital Writing C2PTM for HP Flow CM was created with the help of our HP Technology Partner ChartaCloud Technologies.


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