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Digital Writing C2P for Procore Construction Management

Eliminating the cost to capture and process jobsite related documents and forms can add tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom-line profit on every jobsite.

AIIM, a world-renowned non-profit research organization for information and imaging, published a survey conducted among 477 of its community member’s on the cost to process forms. The research found that “the average cost per form is $4.56. The median (mid-point) is $2.00, but for 20% of the respondents the cost per form is $10.00 or more”.

Sources © AIIM 2013 www.aiim.org and available at www.aiim.org

When you consider that a construction project can generate ten times the volume of documents verses a regular business you see quickly how document and form processing costs can skyrocket and take a huge bit out of your profits.

Digital Writing C2P for Procore gives you the ability to capture, validate and process all your documents, forms and contracts in real-time wherever your users are, online or offline. With a touch of a button, every document is immediately available in Procore and accessible to all your users. Additionally, with Digital Writing C2P advanced workflow capabilities and application connectors, documents and data collected from the field can be shared simultaneously with other applications used to run your business like Salesforce, QuickBooks, Google, Microsoft, and more.

  • No user intervention
  • No processing
  • No waiting

Prime Contractors:
Create document repositories by jobsite that can be deployed to Tablet PCs or processed using traditional Pen & Paper. Users simply fill out all daily forms, reports and transactions as usual and everything is submitted and processed in real-time. With BYOD (bring your own device) you can provide access to your subcontractors, vendors and suppliers ensuring all your mission critical documents and data are captured and processed accurately in real-time.

Want to make the Prime Contractor happy, tell them that they can deliver all their documentation in real-time digitized and ready for processing. In addition to using Digital Writing C2P for all your internal documentation you can add the documents and forms from your all your Prime Contractors. Your employees access these document repositories ensuring that everyone has all the relevant documentation for every jobsite readily available for real-time submission.

Turn your capture and processing cost into profitable revenue with a click of a button.

Learn how easily Digital Writing C2P can turn your capture cost into profitable revenue.

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