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Transforming Home Healthcare Documentation

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Home Health Care service organizations are under a lot of pressure to deliver timely in-home patient health updates, tackle stricter HIPAA, local and state agency compliance and regulations, and manage escalating business process costs. They face special challenges to provide compliant patient updates and distribution of patient documentation and information to back-office systems, doctors and others involved in providing care for follow-ups and record keeping.

There is a massive amount of patient documentation collected daily and the number of steps involved to process documentation has a significant impact on patient care and business costs. The time it takes to get patient documentation from the home to the office can be hours if not days and in some extreme cases, weeks. Once in the office, administrative staff spends more time validating documentation to ensure that documents are accurate and that all required data and signatures are included. Next, all information has to be entered into the various back-end systems and shared with various departments and or vendors to facilitate care, follow-ups and billing.

As I’m sure you can see the process is in-depth and takes in the best case scenario 8-16 hours to receive and process documentation and in the worst case, well let’s hope you are not in that boat.


Document Processing Cost

In a recent survey by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) the average cost to process one document was $4.56. The average number of documents collected during one home care visit is three however, depending on the type of care the number of documents or forms needed could be as high as six documents. A small healthcare provider servicing just 200 patients will process 600-1,200 documents a day. Larger healthcare providers will process thousands of documents daily.

Using the AIIM cost of $4.56 to process one document its costing that small healthcare provider $2,736.00 - $5,472.00 daily to collect, validate and process documentation. If you are a larger provider, this cost skyrockets into the tens and hundreds of thousands daily.

That is just the cost for getting the documentation and data into the office and into your systems so the rest of the work can be done.

By eliminating 70%-90% of the tasks associated with processing these documents, that small healthcare provides will be saving at a minimum $1,915.20 per day. That equals $459,648.00 in annual savings all while increasing the quality of care, increasing the flow of information throughout the whole organization and making the business processes more efficient. Now, just imagine what the results would be for that larger healthcare provider.

Digital Writing C2P (capture to process) technology makes it extremely easy for any Home Healthcare provider to collect, validate and process patient information in real-time. The information is automatically delivered to designated back-office systems and it’s all within a HIPAA Compliant Solution.


Here’s how it works;

Paper Documents (Digital Pen)

Using our Digital Pen, existing documents are printed to a laser printer using the Digital Writing utility - printing "Smart Documents". In the patients home the Health Care professional fills out documentation as routinely done. When completed the box is checked and all documentation is sent to the office in real-time.

A convenient option is to leave pre-printed documents in the patients home and the healthcare professional need only carry the Digital Pen to home visits.


Paperless Documents (Tablet App)

All existing documentation stays the same except it is paperless. Using the Digital Writing Tablet Application “Natural Forms” all required documents the healthcare professional ever needs is already on the Tablet. The healthcare professional selects the documents needed from the menu and fills them out just like they would a paper document. Once completed, click “Submit” and all documentation is delivered to the office in real-time for processing.

Home Healthcare providers have the option to choose which method works best for the business, patients, and employees. No matter which method is used, all documentation is captured, validated, and processed in real-time and all content (documents, data, photos, etc.) is seamlessly shared with the back-offices applications.


What could be easier? Use your paper documentation "As Is" or place on Tablets and process everything in real-time for a fraction of the cost. There are no limits to the number of documents you can use, how many times they are submitted or the number of different departments within your business that can use the solution. You can associate documentation by specific user group, by department or a specific function and have any office assistant manage the whole application from any browser, there is virtually no training needed.

Digital Writing C2P makes document capture-to-process easy and is the one solution that will meet your needs today, quickly grow with your business and no matter what software applications you use today or in the future Digital Writing C2P will work them reducing IT cost for years to come.


To learn how easily Digital Writing C2P can help transform your documents and your business email us at info@fjdassociatesinc.com or call us at 888 780-FJDA (3532).


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