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Transforming Human Resource Documentation

Stop the repetitive and costly tasks of collecting and processing HR documents


Collecting and processing employee documentation and moving it throughout multiple departments, back-office systems and third-party vendors is critical. It is also time consuming and costly, this is especially complex for companies with multiple offices or franchise hiring. Delays in processing effects a myriad of actions and departments including; start dates, time–keeping and payroll, medical benefits, insurance, legal actions, dismissals, compliance and the like.

There is a significant amount of documentation required for each employee, everything from the initial job application to full on-boarding. The number of steps involved in collecting, validating and processing documentation slows the business process and is administratively taxing. Application compatibility often forces staff to input information multiple times into multiple systems having a significant impact on business productivity and business costs.


Application Independent

There are many great HR Management and Document Management applications on the market and they all do the same thing well, manage information. However, collecting and getting your documentation and data into these applications is still largely a manual process. Digital Writing C2P automatically turns your documentation into digital content in seconds. Your content (documents and data) are converted into industry standardize output that can be seamlessly integrated into any application used to run your business. This gives you the ability to use all your documentation AS IS without worry and expense of redesigning your documentation or re-engineering your business processes just to conform to software.


Document Processing Cost

In a recent survey by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), the average cost to process one document is $4.56. The average number of documents collected to on-board a single employee can be 6-20 documents and in some cases even more. Between new hires, file updates, job changes, insurance changes, and employee evaluations, hundreds of documents are processed with multiple entries, by multiple employees, into multiple applications. And, that is just getting the documentation and data into your systems so the rest of the work in the business process can begin.

The time it takes to process a single document can take up to 30 minutes or more to input and distribute to back-end applications and workflows.



Data Entry
10 minutes
7.5 minutes
7.5 minutes
5 minutes
Total Time to process one document 30 Minutes
Now let’s put a dollar value to our findings. Say you are paying your employees an average of $15.00 per hour. Using the above example it costs $7.50 to process one document.


Docuemnts/Day Cost/Day Cost/Month Cost/Year
1 $7.50 $75.00 $1,800.00
5 $37.50 $750.00 $9,000.00
10 $75.00 $1,500.00 $18,000.00
25 $187.50 $3,750.00 $45,000.00
50 $375.00 $7,500.00 $90,000.00
100 $750.00 $15,000.00 $180,000.00
250 $1,875.00 $37,500.00 $450,000.00
500 $3,750.00 $75,000.00 $900,000.00

Increase efficiency – Eliminate cost

Digital Writing C2P Digital Pen or Tablet solutions automate the entire process seamlessly because it collects, validates, and processes HR documentation directly into your designated back-office systems in real-time for pennies a day. That includes all documentation, data, signatures, photos, etc. Use existing documents and forms “AS IS” including documentation provided by your vendors even government agencies; there is no limitation on the number or types of documents you can use.

Digital Writing eliminates 70%-90% of the tasks and cost associated with collecting and processing documentation, increasing the flow of information throughout the whole organization making the business processes productive, efficient, and profitable.


Here’s how it works;

Paper Documents (Digital Pen)

Using our Digital Pen, existing documents are printed to a laser printer using the Digital Writing utility - printing "Smart Documents". Documents and forms are completed as routinely done, when finished, a box is checked and all documentation is sent to designated systems and applications in real-time.


Paperless Documents (Tablet App)

Existing documentation stays the same except it is paperless. Using the Digital Writing Tablet Application “Natural Forms”, all required documentation is on the Tablet. Documents are selected from the menu and filled out just like they would on paper. Once completed, click “Submit” and all documentation is delivered to designated systems and applications.

Businesses have the option to choose which method (paper or paperless) works best for the business. No matter which method is used, all documentation is captured, validated, and processed in real-time with no user intervention.


Nothing is easier? Use your paper documentation "As Is" or place on Tablets and process everything in real-time for a fraction of the cost. There are no limits to the number of documents you can use, how many times they are submitted or the number of different departments within your business that can use the solution. You can associate documentation by specific user group, by department or a specific function and any office assistant can manage the whole application from any browser, with virtually no training needed.

Digital Writing C2P makes document capture-to-process easy and is the one solution that will meet your needs today, quickly grow with your business and no matter what software applications you use today or in the future Digital Writing C2P will work with them increasing efficiency and reducing cost for years to come.


  • Real-time capture and processing
  • Eliminates user intervention
  • Streamlines workflows and processes
  • Integrates with all business applications
  • Reduces cost and increases profitability
  • HIPPA & PCI compliant
  • Advances record keeping and document management
  • No special training
  • No change of current forms
  • No change in the way your business works
  • No manual processing
  • No user intervention
  • No bottlenecks
  • No waiting


To learn how easily Digital Writing C2P can help transform your documents and your business email us at info@fjdassociatesinc.com or call us at 888 780-FJDA (3532).

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