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19. 02. 08
posted by: FJDA
Automated front-end forms processing changes everything for your business


Documentation is the lifeblood of your business. It’s also a place where mistakes happen. Human error; omissions and missing documentation make our employees less productive and clog workflows dramatically impacting the company’s bottom line.

The need to efficiently capture documents, its data and data integration into your back-office applications is critical. The problem; every software application you have wants you to do things their way, which means incorporating, supporting and paying for multiple solutions.

Is there an easier answer, we know there is and it begins at the Point-of-Contact.

When you breakdown the business needs to its simplest terms, you’ll find that more than 70% of what needs to be accomplished is simple -- getting documents and its data into your systems. However, each application has a specific way for you to accomplish this and it requires time and money. So, let’s look at what’s really needed and, if you can help simplify this process.

There are two basic things every application needs to get your day-to-day mission critical content into your system.

  • The document/form as a PDF
  • The data as a CVS or XML file

With your content in these industry standard formats, literally any application on the market can integrate your information. So, is there a front-end process that lets you without any special requirements, skills or programming create any custom form or document? One that lets you create single or multi pages, on the fly and deliver it to all your applications with the touch of one button.

Yes, there is and its the easiest for any business to use — Digital Writing C2P.

Digital Writing C2P lets you control the front-end capture process allowing anyone in your company to quickly and easily create and deploy intelligent forms and documents and deliver standardized formatted content to all your back-end applications in real-time. Its compatable with any application you use now or in the future. And because it has built in intelligence it eliminates ommissions and errors.

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With every submitted form or document, you get;

  • High-resolution PDF exactly the way it was filled out
  • All data entered in a CSV and/or XML
  • Capture signatures and initials GPS data where filled out or signed
  • Photos with annotation as attachments or embedded in your document
  • Voice notes for instructions or narratives
  • Works Online and Offline

Digital Writing C2P goes even further allowing you to add conditional logic and field processing rules without any advanced skills required. With pre-population, drag-n-drop tools and copy and paste functionality anyone in your office can create and deploy dynamic documents and forms in minutes.

Tablet home

  • Pre-populating repetitive fields
  • Mandatory fields
  • Related field association
  • Conditional field processing
  • Signature capture
  • Embedding annotated photos
  • And much more

We understand that your first instinct is to contact your vendors to see what can be done. For most, it’s the safest decision to make and with everything you have on your day-to-day list of things to do, it’s understandable. The challenge is to think outside the box and what is ultimately the best solution for YOUR business. A solution that is application agnostic no matter what software you use today or in the future. You control every aspect of what your documentation looks like, how your business performs and you eliminate your exposure to the black hole of custom development.

If you find this post interesting or would like to learn how to gain better control over your intake documents, data and workflows, let’s schedule a call.

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