Caregiver training and testing can be time consuming and expensive with the hours spent on both the training/testing phase and then the back-end review and grading. Using Digital Writing C2P, all aspects of the process are made easy and efficient;

  • Caregivers can be trained and tested anywhere at any time in office or in the field
  • Test data is captured in real-time and can be automatically analyzed/tabulated
  • Submitted tests are available immediately for review by administration
  • Digital Tests can be stored for easy access if ever and whenever needed

Digital Writing C2P, your staff is trained and tested from anywhere in-office or from the field and the results are sent to your back-end using the front line to your back-end applications in seconds. It gives your employees a simple user-friendly solution with 100% user adoption because they are using your existing documentation and processes.

“New federal and state industry standards and guidelines for the Home Care industry, place an additional burden on Home Care Agencies.  While most agencies have training and compliance processes, the new standards require agencies make changes and implement new procedures that impact personnel, business processes and resources, placing a strain on the business to do more in the face of growing costs and shrinking revenues,” said Dr. Eboni Green, Co-Founder and CEO of Caregiver Support Services.

“The Digital Writing C2C application is a cost effective- turnkey solution for training front-line direct caregivers. Using this process, caregivers have access to the tools and support that enhance their ability to provide quality care based on industry best practices,” she added.