QA – Improving the Home Health Care Process

Quality Assurance (QA) in Home Health Care has many components that require ongoing monitoring and intervention, none more important than agency documentation, and that is the one place we find agencies have the most difficulty improving and is the most influential across all aspects of the business.

Your documentation, more specifically, how your documents are completed and processed is critical to the overall accuracy affecting all other processes that follow in your workflow. Errors, omissions or data that cannot be quantified i.e.; field notes leads to increased man-hours, processing delays, ultimately affecting billing, payments/reimbursements, compliance and your bottom-line revenue.

Our clients use Digital Writing C2P (DW) in all aspects of their business (HR Onboarding, Orientation, Clinical, Caregivers, etc.) and have eliminated 70%-90% of paperwork issues; no errors, no omissions, no missing documents or data, no disruption to their business. QA review time is significantly reduced allowing faster processing. Your staff and QA professionals have an enormous number of challenges; checks and balances, and follow-up items to manage. How your documents are filled out shouldn’t be one of them.

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How DW automates the process

Built-in intelligence and logic for documents – pre-populates all data, add once and all mirror information automatically populates fields egg; name, address, SSI, etc. Highlights areas to be completed by user, highlights next step areas within documents based on specific question/answer asked in the document. This intelligence eliminates incomplete documents and minimizes QA/QI intervention and slow processing.

Field Level Lock Out: example; can be related to nurse and shift notes. Ensures users from every shift submits the proper information. DW field lock out disables the user from copying previously entered data from another filed or form and copied to another filed.

Date & Time Stamps: When data is entered into any field the application automatically records the date and time the field was modified. Additionally, there are various document level date and time stamps to help you better manage and audit the submission process.

Document Lock Out: This function applies to all the fields throughout the entire document. When enabled, no field can be copied ensuring all data is collected by the user.

Conditional Logic – Related Fields: When data is entered in a field or a checkbox is selected, all related fields throughout the document become mandatory. Additionally, logic can be applied to related fields that when selected, display specific instructions/procedures to ensure all business and process rules are enforced.

Features like pre-populating repetitive fields, mandatory fields, calculations and more turn any document into a One Touch Process.

These are just a few examples of how DW helps HHA agencies achieve a higher standard of excellence and makes all employees regardless of skill level become more efficient, proficient and productive.

Digital Writing C2P Highlights: With every submitted form or document, you get;

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  • High-resolution PDF exactly the way it was filled out
  • Data entered in a CSV and/or XML
  • Signatures and initialscaptured
  • GPS data where filled out or signed
  • Photos with annotation as attachments or embedded in your document
  • Voice notes for instructions or narratives
  • Online and Offline capability
  • Errors and omissions eliminated
  • Content submitted in real time
  • Seamless integration to all back-end applications
  • Unlimited documents/forms
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Unlimited user


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