Field Service

Move your field service to the next level

Collecting and processing field documentation is time consuming and slows the business process -- order fulfillment, billing, inventory management and customer support. Waiting for documentation, validating information, entering data, and moving content throughout your workflows and business processes can be daunting and expensive.

The Digital Writing difference:

  • No Upfront Development

Use any existing application to create real-time in-take data and document capture processes for all internal or external departments; Nursing, Home Aides, HR Onboarding, Billing, Payroll, Accounting and all documents and data associated with each department.

  • No Programming Required:

Eliminate upfront IT time and cost to create real-time capture to processes solutions for all areas of your business.

  • No Customization:

Create, edit, update and deploy changes in minutes — no specialized skills required, anyone in your office can manage and update processes or documentation with this solution using existing applications like Word, Excel, Adobe, etc.

  • Seamless Integration:

All content structured, unstructured, and handwritten is standardized (data, documents, photos, voice notes, GPS data) for seamless integration into all back-end applications including ERM, CRM and DMS applications.

  • Digital Writing C2P complements all existing and future business applications.

Digital Writing C2P Pen or Tablet can make all the difference because it automatically Captures, Validates and Processes your critical field documents in real-time eliminating the waiting, bottlenecks, touch-points and user intervention that stifles efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Use your company’s existing documents and forms, documents from your vendors or government agencies. There is virtually no training needed, its user friendly and simple to use.

  • Never wait for documentation to arrive
  • Documents & data processed in real-time
  • Integrates with all business applications
  • Reduces administrative time and cost
  • Increases profitability
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Eliminate Administrative Cost

Administrative costs for collecting and processing field service documentation can be as much as $4.56 per document or higher, but with Digital Writing C2P you eliminate 70% - 90% of the tasks.

"the average cost per form is $4.56, but for 20% of respondents the cost per form is $10 or more"
Source: AIIM Whitepaper
Digital Writing C2P automates the Capture, Validation and Processing of your mission critical intake documents and eliminates the bottlenecks, touch-points and user intervention that stifles efficiency and productivity.
  • Documents are validated at the point of contact
  • Documents are never submitted with missing information
  • Data entry and scanning are fully automated
  • Seamless integration with all business systems
  • Reduces 70% - 90% of tasks and cost
  • Increases workflow and process efficiency
  • Increases overall company profitability
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Balance Technologies

Digital Writing C2P makes existing and future technologies more efficient by standardizing the capture of documents and data from Pen & Paper or Tablets for seamless integration into any business application.

  • Real-Time Capture-to-Process
  • Any document – Anywhere
  • Standardized output
  • Reduce IT & integration costs
  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Increase profitability


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