The shift in Pharmacy Services has made Digital Writing C2P the ‘go to’ mobile solution for Pharmacists, PharmD’s and Students of Pharmacy who are playing a much larger role in patient care. They are working with Physicians and their patients to deliver value-based services in-store, in-office and in the field.

Using Digital Writing C2P, Pharmacists have an efficient and effective mobile solution to complete Wellness Prescription Check Ups that include patient assessment forms and insurance reviews to help patients manage the rising costs of prescription and medication management. Digital Writing enables them to collect information, send directly to back-office systems, share data with doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies to streamline the entire process.


Digital Writing C2P makes it easy;

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No Upfront Development - Use any existing application to create real-time in-take data and document capture processes

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No Programming - Eliminate upfront IT time and cost to create capture to processes solutions for all areas of your business

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No Customization - Create, edit, update and deploy changes in minutes - no specialized skills required, anyone in your office can manage this solution using existing applications like Word, Excel, Adobe, etc.

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Seamless Integration - All structured, unstructured, and handwritten content is converted to standardized files (data, documents, photos, voice notes, GPS data) for seamless integration into all back-end applications including ERM, CRM and DMS applications


With the health care industry constantly evolving through the utilization of advanced technology, RXVIP Concierge wants to deliver measurable outcomes that can be easily documented by leveraging partner relationships with industry leaders like Digital Writing C2P"

stated Ken Sternfeld, Founder of RXVIP Concierge.
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“The next generation of PharmDs can now deliver our suite of VIP pharmacy services by having their profession in the palm of their hand, so that they can be recognized as Providers.”
Sternfeld concluded.


All documents, data, signatures, photos with annotations, voice notes and GPS are automatically converted to industry standardized content which is seamlessly shared and integrated into any back- office systems. Even handwritten information taken from Paper or Tablet documents is automatically converted to typed text and delivered as usable data. No errors, no changes to forms, applications, or systems.


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