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Collecting and processing employee documentation and moving it throughout multiple departments, back-office systems and third-party vendors is critical. It is also time consuming and costly, especially for companies with multiple offices or franchise hiring. Delays in processing effects a myriad of actions and departments including; start dates, time–keeping and payroll, medical, insurance, legal actions, dismissals, compliance and the like.

The Digital Writing difference:

  • No Upfront Development

Use any existing application to create real-time in-take data and document capture processes for all internal or external departments; Nursing, Home Aides, HR Onboarding, Billing, Payroll, Accounting and all documents and data associated with each department.

  • No Programming Required:

Eliminate upfront IT time and cost to create real-time capture to processes solutions for all areas of your business.

  • No Customization:

Create, edit, update and deploy changes in minutes — no specialized skills required, anyone in your office can manage and update processes or documentation with this solution using existing applications like Word, Excel, Adobe, etc.

  • Seamless Integration:

All content structured, unstructured, and handwritten is standardized (data, documents, photos, voice notes, GPS data) for seamless integration into all back-end applications including ERM, CRM and DMS applications.

  • Digital Writing C2P complements all existing and future business applications.

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Digital Writing C2P automates the entire process seamlessly because it collects, validates, and processes HR Documentation directly to your designated back-office systems in real-time. Use all your company’s existing documents and forms, add documents from vendors and government agencies there is no limitation on the number or type of documents you can use. Digital Writing is user friendly, simple to use and there is virtually no training needed.

  • Documents & data processed in real-time
  • Documents never received incomplete
  • Integrates with all business applications
  • Incorporate any document from any source
  • Reduces administrative time and cost
  • Increases workflow efficiency
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Submissions
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Eliminate Administrative Cost

Administrative costs for collecting and processing Human Resource documentation can be as much as $4.56 per document or higher, but with Digital Writing C2P you eliminate 70% - 90% of the tasks and costs.

"the average cost per form is $4.56, but for 20% of respondents the cost per form is $10 or more"
Source: AIIM Whitepaper
Digital Writing C2P automates the Capture, Validation and Processing of your critical HR documents and eliminates the bottlenecks, touch-points and user intervention that stifles efficiency and productivity.
  • Documents are validated at the point of contact
  • Documents are never submitted with missing information
  • Data entry and scanning is fully automated
  • Seamless integration with all business systems
  • Reduces 70% - 90% of processing tasks
  • Increases workflow and process efficiency
  • Increases overall company profitability
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Ease of Use Works Offline Maximize Resources
  No issues with employees learning new or complicated tools or apps. User adaptation is virtually 100% because they are using existing processes and documentation.   With full Offline capability, your employees work uninhibited never worrying about Internet connectivity.   There is no software to buy, Digital Writing complements and maximizes your existing resources for improved productivity and efficiency. No changes to business processes or documentation.
Paper or Tablet Handwriting Conversion Data Accuracy
  The ability to deploy the same application using Paper documents or Tablets, gives you the flexibility and agility to use whichever is the most appropriate capture solution for your business or specific process.   Digital Writing automatically converts handwritten information into usable typed text in 33 different languages.   Functionality like mandatory fields, field mirroring, calculations, spellcheck and the ability to add custom lexicon/dictionaries ensure all critical data is captured correctly at the point of contact.
Unstructured Data Updates on the Fly Signature Capture
  Digital Writing makes it extremely easy to capture handwritten unstructured data from any document or process converting it to usable type text for easy, seamless integration into back-end applications.   Create, edit, update, modify processes and documentation on the fly; no waiting, no specialized skills required, you control your environment.   Capturing and validating signatures and initials using Paper or Tablets has never been easier, and you can capture GPS data tied to the signature fields.
Photos/Voice Notes Visit/Process Verification Improved Billing
  Take and annotate photos, including adding voice notes. When submitted all data, documentation and attachments are linked to that specific process practice.   Date and time of service is instantly captured using our Paper or Tablet solution. GPS data captured at the time of submission and/or associated to specific fields validates its accuracy.   All data and documentation is captured right the first time; delivered to your back-end applications in real-time where billing processes can begin immediately.
Any Documentation Secure Better Patient Care
  Use all existing documents and processes (internal or external) on Paper or Tablets without changing a thing — single or multi-page document sets. Digital Writing makes filling out paperwork quick, easy, accurate and secure.   Digital Writing is a HIPAA compliant secured platform that runs in the cloud or can be installed on premise giving you the flexibility to deploy a universal real-time document and data capture solution based on your specific business needs.   Your Nurses, Aids and employees can focus on providing the best care possible instead of worrying about internet connectivity, getting paperwork to the office or fumbling with multiple Apps. They already know your processes and documentation; Digital Writing just makes it easier.
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